Welcome to MWS where we celebrate the arts of photography and music.  This website will focus on interesting photography with unique perspectives including people, animals, nature and more.  All images on this website are of creative commons and taken from a list of websites available on our resources page.  You are not permitted to copy these images directly from the michaelwolfstudio.com domain however you have full permission to visit any of the resources sites to download the images for yourself.

Our musical taste varies and so our articles and reviews will also vary from classical, contemporary, rock, Christian and more.  Music sooth’s the ears and we will be highlighting music from around the globe.  We’ll have well know artists, local artists and even some musician who you would most likely never cross paths with.

Occasionally we’ll even have some videos of both musicians as well as photographers doing what they do best and entertaining as well as teaching us.

We travel around the globe looking for unique artists and art pieces and our goal is to share many of these right here on this site. We’ve been to many exotic places such as the island of Bali and Fiji, mainland China, India, central Africa and more. We’ve also gone to many common places such as Denver Colorado, Jacksonville Florida, the great state of Wyoming and Scranton Pennsylvania. In fact, on of the most interesting of our traveling adventures was that trip through Scranton on a cold, snowy night. The weather in Scranton can change quickly and being that it’s up in a mountain range, they get a lot of snow. We were driving late at night, around 11pm and we hit something that was in the road, blowing a tire or at least that’s what we thought. Turns out it also cut the brake line so we had no brakes. We had a good cell phone signal and used the internet to locate a towing company and promptly called them. Within 20 minutes a truck arrived to snatch us up and take us in for a repair. We got it repaired the next morning and were back on our way after only a short few hours delay.

They always say that disasters happen closer to home and fortunately for us, we haven’t had any disasters when traveling abroad.

We’ve recently traveled to the western U.S. and have taken some amazing pictures, some incredible scenery as well as some incredible people.  We traveled through Arizona and New Mexico and one up through Nevada and into California. We met interesting people along the way and had the honor to photograph them.  I even threw my back out while trying to get a really amazing angle of some colorful people near Irvine. CA.  Fortunate for me that there was a chiropractor right down the street who put me back together again.  From there is was on up the coast to San Francisco and then the great northwest!  Would we be looking for bigfoot… sorry, I’m not buying that the hairy guy exists but feel free to prove me wrong.

Come back here often for the journey of a lifetime!