76MichaelWolfStudio.com is dedicated to the arts. We enjoy and like to share the beauty of God’s creation whether it be the amazing people of the earth, fascinating animals, incredible scenery that can take your breath away or the small things that most of us overlook each day. Every day as you walk around, no matter where you are there are some amazing photo opportunities. A raindrop on the end of a gutter, a leaf lying on a sidewalk, a cloud in the sky or a ladybug on a leaf lends for an amazing photograph.

Opportunity and beauty abounds if you know where to look. We look everywhere, in cities, the country, the sky, underground, indoors and outdoors. You can even find an amazing photo op in the kitchen. Salt spilled on a table, syrup on a pancake, soup bubbling on a stove, we see a fascinating opportunity for an amazing picture.

Painting is another incredible art, however I am not talented in that manner. I admire an artist who can paint and create something from nothing, then have others admire the hours spent on the creation of that painting. Whether it be in color or black and white, there are many talented artists who are never recognized for their artwork. Our website is dedicated to showcasing this art.

We’re also open to ideas, so please contact us.